Kaay Centre excited about summer events

  • Jul. 10, 2009 9:00 a.m.

By Alex Rawlings-The 2009 summer season at the Kaay Centre is starting to heat up, with many attractions sure to wow all who visit and an action-packed schedule.”Well, it is our first fully-operational year this year, and we are really excited,” said Jason Alsop, operations manager at Kaay Llnagaay. “There are lots of things happening now and all summer long.” Some of the highlights for the season are exhibits from Haida artists such as April White-Sgaana Jaad, whose show “Conception to Creation” opened on the 3rd of this month and will be on until Sept. 6, and Robert Davidson’s personal weaving collection that will display pieces in cedar bark, raven’s tail, and naaxin style weaving amongst others. His exhibit will open July 17 and run through to Aug. 28. “Robert’s collection will be exciting, he will showcase some of the pieces that he considers to be masterpieces, and it will be temporary exhibit, so come and see it while you can,” said Mr. Alsop. Other events this summer include the ‘artists in residence’ project. Currently at the museum one can find local weaver Lisa Hageman and pole carver Marcel Russ working on their projects. “This year visitors can come and see a monumental 30-foot pole being carved or they can go to watch Lisa, who is weaving the first ‘z-twist’ robe to be woven in about one hundred years, it is really special,” said Mr. Alsop. Ms Hageman started the robe three weeks ago and says it will take about a year to complete the complex piece. Another event that has been brought back is the repatriation dinners. Most of the proceeds from the dinners will go towards funding a trip to Oxford, said Mr. Alsop, with 15 percent of the proceeds going back to the Kaay Centre. Anyone wishing to tour the museum can look forward to a modified tour this year with four sessions being offered over a two-day period. “We wanted to split it up so it wasn’t too long of a tour, and we got a two-part tour, the first part introduces the islands, the site and some history as well as a weaving tour, the second part has a Haida canoe component and a pole tour. Anyone who wants to know what days and what tour is being offered can stop in at the Visitors Info Centre or they can call the museum,” Mr. Alsop said. Visitors can also eat a meal or snack at the museum as the Haala Ga Taa Bakery is now open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday inside, with a take-out window from 8 am to 10 am daily. On Saturdays there is a fine dining experience offered between 7 and 9 pm featuring a three-course meal for $50. “We finally have everything going, and we are happy, there will be other projects that we will try as well, we would like to offer a Skidegate tour to bring the community into the museum, and the museum to the community, just get everyone a little more involved,” Mr. Alsop said.