Kithlaigaa gas bar target of thieves

  • Sep. 24, 2008 2:00 p.m.

Over $5,000 worth of goods and cash was stolen from Old Massett’s Kithlaigaa Gas Bar in the second incident at the facility in two weeks. Manager Colin Scheck said he noticed something was wrong when he passed the gas station at 4 pm on Sunday (Sept. 21). The door was open and when he went inside he saw the results of a 14-hour crime spree. Mr. Scheck says the station is outfitted with video surveillance cameras that captured several young men looting the store starting around midnight on Saturday night. He found the back door had been kicked in and the video shows the perpetrators leaving and re-entering the store until about 2 pm Sunday. Two cash registers with $250 in them were taken, along with more than 100 DVDs, cigars, candy bars, gum, phone cards, lighters, pop, chips and more. Mr. Scheck says the DVDs alone are worth at least $3,000. The RCMP were called immediately after Mr. Scheck discovered the crime and according to Sgt. Grant MacDonald the incident is still under investigation. “There are a number of individuals involved,” he said. “It’s taken time to identify each person and round them up.”