Kulesha will run for mayor

  • Apr. 11, 2005 8:00 p.m.

Carol Kulesha, the regional district director and member of the QC management committee who got the incorporation idea going last year, says she wants to be Queen Charlotte’s first mayor.
“It would be an honour, yes,” she told the Observer Monday morning, following the vote Saturday to incorporate.
“I have experience now”, she said, “I have a lot of contacts in government. I would like to help with the transition and make sure we get all the benefits that have been spoken about.”
Some of those benefits include funding for maintaining the highway and roads, as well as transferring other services and funds, she said.
“It is going to be a lot of organization and grunt work. But it will be worth it, and I will be glad to help,” Ms Kulesha said.
Queen Charlotte’s first election as a municipality will be held in November. So far, there are no other declared candidates for mayor.
Voters endorsed incorporation in the referendum on Saturday, 60-percent voting for, 40-percent voting against.