Kwuna will be back on Dec. 20

  • Dec. 9, 2005 10:00 a.m.

The MV Kwuna is on track to return to the islands Dec. 20 after undergoing a thorough refit at the Deas Pacific Marine shipyard in Vancouver, says BC Ferry Services Inc. communications coordinator Ann Carpenter.
“She is coming along beautifully,” Ms Carpenter said. “She’s going to be so spiffy.”
Ms Carpenter said the Kwuna will be extremely reliable, thanks to extensive mechanical maintenance and upgrades.
The shipyard is a five-day journey from the islands, and the Kwuna will leave well before Dec. 20 to take into account any weather delays, she said.
“Weather, of course, is a big factor,” she said, noting that extremely bad weather could push the Dec. 20 return date back a few days.
The Kwuna serves the route between Skidegate Landing and Alliford Bay. The vessel has been gone since September, with a tug and barge service filling in during its absence.