Last year remembered as hot (this weekend not)

  • Jan. 7, 2005 9:00 a.m.

The weather of 2004 was notable mostly for the incredibly hot, dry summer – which could be part of a more general warming trend, says resident Tlell weather expert John Davies. And he would know, too: Mr. Davies has over thirty years’ worth of weather data, including temperatures, rain, and snow.
In particular, July was a scorcher. The hottest day of the entire year was on July 15, when the thermometer read an unbelievable 28ºC. “It’s been a long time since it got up to 28ºC,” he said. July was also exceptionally dry, with only 45 millimetres of rain for the whole month. There must have been enough rain to make up for it during the rest of the year though, because the year’s rainfall of 1123.4 mm (1.12 metres, or as tall as medium-sized child!) was average when compared with the previous thirty-one years. 1972 is the current record-holder for least rain (835.2mm) but also for the most snow, over two metres. On the other hand, 1983 was exceptionally wet. Islanders in that year were doused with almost 1.5 metres of rain.
The coldest day of 2004 was January 4, when temperatures plunged to -8.5º, but there was only 25.8 centimetres of snow. As for 2005 – so far no snow! But it seems like right now we might be the only place left in Canada that can say that.