Leaks nothing unusual, says water chair

  • Dec. 7, 2007 3:00 p.m.

The Sandspit water system has been leaking, but Water Board chair Duane Gould says the problems are nothing unusual. “Just part of the chronic problems you get with water systems.” A blow out in the mixing chamber created a significant leak in the two-year old, $3 million system, but workers were able to put in a bypass to redirect the water away from the faulty part and maintain the water supply, while also conforming to health standards. Moresby Island Management Committee members heard at the Nov. 14 meeting that work on the line was difficult because the pipe was under a foot and a half of water. Water system contractor Bob Prudhomme said digging was tricky because of the power lines nearby. He had already broken a Telus radio line during work on the system The trouble may have sprung from a house fire earlier in the fall. Mr. Gould said the fire chief asked to use the water main and the Water Board granted approval and the line was cleaned out. But the engineers now say when the line was recharged, Sandspit didn’t use the recognized procedure. The repairs are likely to cost $3,000. “The problems haven’t made any difference to the community,” says Mr. Gould. He said the town has backup wells to run. The Water Board is meeting Thurs. Dec. 6 to discuss this and other matters. The $3 million water system replaces individual residence wells in Sandspit. Mr. Gould said the system has 206 outlets with 190 homes hooked in – approximately 85 percent of the community. The system was controversial due to the expense, when first discussed several years ago, but Mr. Gould says Sandspit is better off with it. Before the community system four out of five wells in Sandspit didn’t meet provincial water standards, he says. Now he says, “.it’s water under the bridge.”