Lepas Bay trip a rich experience

  • Jun. 26, 2007 2:00 p.m.

At the Living and Learning School, the dream of taking the school to ReDiscovery at Lepas Bay began last fall, as we began to hold fundraisers and write grant proposals. For the kids though, the dream began in early June as they boarded the boats for the four hour ride from Masset, and as they hiked the mystical old trail from the village of Kiusta with the heaviest packs they’ve ever carried. When the dark forest trail gave way and they stepped on the wide-open sandy beach of T’aalung Stlung, the dream came true. For eight days, the students and their parents and mentors hiked, gathered, learned, played, and challenged themselves in one of the most beautiful natural places. They washed off their town lives and rediscovered the exquisite joy of being a child in a wild space. The school year’s study of Haida history, ecology and environmental responsibility fused with the rich experience and memories from the week. their spirit spots, the diversity on the reef, the old longhouse beams, the ancient trees and caves, the devil swing, the Stoneribs house pole-raising, and their solos. Many thanks to Haida Gwaii ReDiscovery and their knowledgeable staff and volunteers, for keeping their dream alive for almost 30 years, and for making this special session a reality for the Living and Learning School. The Gwaii Trust and Nature Canada’s Parks and People program provided very generous financial assistance and made this trip possible. Haaw’a always to our communities for continually supporting our fundraisers. Regarding lessons learned, Jacob said it best: This experience showed me that in the wilderness there is nothing that wants to hurt me and now I am very comfortable on my own.