Let’s create a south end food bank

  • Feb. 17, 2006 7:00 a.m.

submitted by Sandra Beggs–For the past many months the very generous food bank group in Masset has been giving us bags of food to bring down to recipients in QCC and Skidegate. In Masset, an organized group of volunteers obtains donated funds to purchase food, purchases the food, and bags the food and twice a month hands out the prepared food bags to over 150 individuals and families. When we encounter a need in the south end, which we do on a regular basis, the Masset group gives us bags to pass out without question.
Several of us from the south end are doing this because we happen to drive to Masset for work and because through our work we encounter the need. We have also come to realize that we are only scratching the surface in terms of need in the south end. The current problem as I see it is twofold. What we are doing is outside of the scope of our work and we are creating more work for the Masset volunteer group. We need our own group of food bank volunteers in the south end! So, I’m going to keep this short. QCI Women’s Society is not in a position to take on the food bank project at this time, however, I, as an individual, am willing to be the conduit of communication between people who can see it in their hearts to voluntarily coordinate this very much needed effort. Please call me at work at 559-8843 or in the evening at 559-8831 and I will help get a South End Food Bank Group connected and off the ground. I look forward to hearing from you.