Local education agreements made public

  • Dec. 25, 2003 7:00 p.m.

Agreements designed to enhance First Nations’ students performance in school were made public by the school board when it met in Skidegate Dec. 16.
The local education agreements were signed with the Old Massett Village Council at the end of November and the Skidegate Band Council early this month.
They aim at facilitating First Nations participation in education, and facilitating more cooperation between First Nations and the school board to ensure quality education for First Nations students living on reserve, according to the board.
The agreements outline the goals of improved student achievement, parity of achievement and the goals of the BC public school system, and are expected to establish a continuing dialogue between the two village councils and the school board and to enhance educational opportunities for First Nations students in the school district.
“The government of the First Nation or the councils designate, have the responsibility to oversee the public education of the members of the First Nation residing on reserve,” the board says, ” Local Education Agreements authorise the flow of funds from the federal government to the village/band councils for the education of First Nations students. The funds are then transferred to the local school district. The board has the authority under the School Act to enter into an agreement with respect to the education of First Nations students who fit within the definition-status and residing on a reserve. The agreement entered into within the confines of the Indian Act and the School Act of BC and it is not a reflection of the whole of the Aboriginal right to and responsibility for education,”