Man stabbed in Skidegate

  • Sep. 11, 2009 12:00 p.m.

A man was stabbed with a knife last week in Skidegate. Two males were involved in the incident, said Corporal Ron Masch of the Queen Charlotte RCMP. The call came in at 6:30 pm on Sept. 3, he said. The two men were in a house in Skidegate and both were taken off the island to hospital in Vancouver. At least one is now back, he said. The police are still investigating the incident and the Prince Rupert identification specialists searched the house for evidence last week. Charges of aggravated assault are pending. Also on Sept. 3, police received a report of an impaired driver near Balance Rock at 1:48 pm. They arrested a driver and passenger. The driver refused to provide a breath sample and assaulted an officer back at the detachment, so related charges are pending. The passenger was arrested for being drunk and disorderly but was later released. In other police news, the bomb disposal unit from Vancouver was called in when dynamite was discovered in a shed in Sandspit on Sept. 2. It was old stuff that had probably been there for years, said Cpl. Masch. It was disposed of without incident. Police are looking for information about a hit and run in Queen Charlotte on Sept. 5 at around 4 am. A BC Hydro crane truck was hit with damage to the tire and side of the truck. They found the other vehicle, a white Chevy Silverado, near the site of the crash but have not identified the driver. Cpl. Masch said that several people were awoken by the loud noise from the accident. He hopes one has information about the driver of the vehicle. Also on Sept. 5, there was an attempted break and enter at R and S Smoothies on Oceanview Drive. “It didn’t look like anything was taken,” he said. Another accident took place on Sept. 7 near the ferry landing. The car may have hit the meridian. No one was hurt, said Cpl. Masch.