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Marathon off to good start

The second annual Totem to Totem Marathon was held Saturday, with a 7:30 am start at the Heritage Centre in Skidegate. Runners went north 13 miles to St. Mary's Spring, turned around and made it back to the start some three hours plus later. Congratulations one and all!ResultsHalf-Marathon1. Maureen Benoit (QC)1:51:182. Mary Gursky(QC)1:55:363. Laurie Martz (N Van)2:18:314. April Dutheil (Tlell)2:24:175. John Tonge (NVan)2:59:25Fastest Female AwardMaureen BenoitFastest Male AwardJohn TongeMarathon1. Jerry Kroll (Van) 3:22:042. Karen Warrendorf (Van) 3:28:513. Steve Mattina (Van)3:28:524. Killaine Sharman (Van)3:34:285. Kirsten Ramage (Van) 4:17:356. Patrick Gross (Van)4:17:367. Dawn Tonge (N Van)4:22:458. Nicole Tattam (QC)4:26:139. David Seymour (Van)4:49:4510. Vince Hemingson (Van)4:49:4511. Donna Sacuta (N Van)5:06:26Fastest Male AwardJerry KrollFastest Female AwardKaren WarrendorfAlso: Bruce Haralson (Port Clements) finished 23.5 miles