Masset concerned about poor condition of Tow Hill Road

  • Jul. 13, 2005 6:00 a.m.

Masset council members say they have never seen Tow Hill Road in such bad shape, and the village will be contacting the Ministry of Highways about the situation.
At Monday night’s meeting, councillors used words like “brutal”, “deplorable” and “ridiculous” to describe the condition of the gravel road.
“It’s a washboard,” said mayor Barry Pages. “I’ve never seen it so bad. I took the beach out because I couldn’t handle driving on it.”
Councillor Rollie Wheeler said he had talked to people who turned back because they didn’t want to drive on such a rough road.
The road is heavily used at this time of year as residents and tourists flock to Agate Beach and North Beach to harvest crabs. But the bumpy road is creating problems for those returning to town with a good catch, said councillor Ed Woode: “It’s so damn bad the legs are falling off the crabs.”
“That’s it in a crabshell!” Mr. Wheeler said.
Councillors asked administrator Trevor Jarvis to call the Ministry of Highways and find out what’s going on.