Masset council postpones decision on airport revenue

  • Dec. 6, 2002 6:00 a.m.

Should extra money generated by the Masset airport be spent only on airport operations, or should it go back into the village’s general revenues?
That’s the question Masset’s new council is grappling with, and council members decided last Monday (Dec. 2) to postpone a decision until they get more financial information at the end of the year.
The airport does not always make money, but it’s projected to end this year with a small surplus, said chief administration officer Trevor Jarvis.
That led to a resolution from the Masset airport committee last month that any surplus generated by the airport be earmarked for the exclusive use of the airport. The motion was made on Nov. 13 by councillor Andy Erasmus and seconded by councillor Jack Thorgeirson – neither of whom are on council any more.
According to the minutes of the airport committee, the proposed policy was the request of committee chair Nick Grosse, who has since resigned.
The new council members appeared uncomfortable about supporting the policy.
“Doesn’t council have last decision on all these monies?” asked councillor Rollie Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler made a motion that council wait until the end of the year to decide what to do about the possible airport surplus, and all council members voted in favour of this course of action.