Masset council questions credit union hours

  • Sep. 16, 2005 5:00 p.m.

Masset council is writing to the Northern Savings Credit Union to find out why the branch in Masset is open fewer hours than the branch in Queen Charlotte.
“At this point in time, the Charlotte branch offers 6.5 hours more for public access than the Masset branch, and my quesdtion is why,” councillor Rollie Wheeler told the Observer. He suggested council write the letter, which was mailed Thursday.
Mr. Wheeler says the hours of operation are inconvenient to a lot of people, and thinks the difference has nothing to do with population, since the number of people north of the Tlell River is about the same as the number living south.
He also said it has nothing to do with the employees.
“Whenever I go to that branch the employees are very courteous, professional and knowledgeable.
This has to do with the people who make the decision out of Rupert or wherever,” he said. “We have two branches on the islands they should be providing equal service to both ends of the islands.”
In Queen Charlotte, the credit union office is open 33 _ hours a week, while the Masset branch is only open 25 hours.