Masset council

  • Nov. 16, 2011 5:00 p.m.

Karen ChurchNorth End Residents:As a mother, archaeologist, forest worker and manager, I submit my candidacy for councillor in Massett. I’m a 21 year resident and live with my family in the Tow Hill Road community.My infrastructure priority, and the key issue that I will re-activate, is the viability and need for a new pool/multiplex facility, employing renewable energy solutions that may also be applied in other areas. I’m currently a student at the University of Calgary, and will return to the islands in April to continue my Masters thesis research, (archaeology) at home. A new pool committee has been started and if I am elected, alternates from this committee may attend council in my stead until I return.I will seek review of the administration of the Village of Masset (VoM) with an eye to efficiency, creativity in fund raising, and standards of communication. I will also work towards GMDC meetings becoming public.Previous governmental experience: Heritage Coordinator for the Secretariat of the Haida Nation, Tow Hill Road Advisory Committee Vice Chair, Naikoon Park Community Advisory Committee, Massett Eagles Swim Club. I have met with our MP on several occasions and with our MLA as well regarding the pool multiplex project, but without VoM support at minimum, it’s very hard for them to assist. Vote for me to express your support of a renewable energy pool / multiplex in the Massett area. A detailed statement was prepared for the all-candidates Forum and can be obtained by e-mail: thank-you/haaw.aaNatanis HagemanI am Natanis Hageman and am running for councillor for the Village of Masset. I have lived in Masset since August 2002 and raised my 2 daughters through to graduation in this community. We have grown in this community and now it is time to give back. I love this community and these islands and want to see us reach sustainability and self-sufficiency economically. I bring with me a Certificate in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies which I feel will help in areas of policy development and research. I think it is necessary for communities like ours to think outside the box when it comes to economic development. It is important to keep our money local in as many ways as possible and to successfully market our assets particularly in the areas of tourism. I feel that openness and transparency are necessary for successful engagement with the citizens of the community and for them to feel that someone is speaking for them. I would very much like to be that person.I look forward to the opportunities and potential that arises from change and wish the best of luck to all candidates.Bret JohnstonI have lived in Masset for 16 years. I have been on the boards of the Co-op and MHTV. I will guarantee that if elected I will be attending the majority of the council meetings.We need to be rid of the old derelict military structures in the centre of town and dissolve GMDC as soon as possible.One of my goals will be creating a new web site that will really promote Masset. The world surfs the internet for opportunities and we are missing the boat. I would like to put the council meetings on the new web site. Having council meetings and agendas and who vote’s for what and who attended the meeting on the web site. If what’s going on is easily accessible, more people will come to council meetings to give their input and I think that is important.It is also very important that in cooperation with other island communities we continue to bring to the attention of our local MP’s and MLA’s of our poor postal service, ferry rates and schedules as well as the lack of full northern allowance.We have to remember we are not in competition with our island neighbors all the communities have to work together to bring business to the island that will benefits all of us.I will work toward equitable co-operation between Masset and Old Massett while recognizing that my paramount duty is to represent this community of Masset.Barry PagesI would like to thank the residents of Masset for your past support. It has been a privilege and an honor to represent our community on council over the past 18 years. I have had the opportunity to grow up and live on these beautiful islands the majority of my life.Professionally, I am a commercial accounts manager with Northern Savings Credit Union and through this I have the pleasure to be able to work in all the communities on the islands.My wife Denise and I have a new daughter Sofia and Barry has also two grown children: Sherrie and Zeph.I am capable of hard work and I am dedicated to seeing our community and region prosper now and in the future.With a strong team on council, there is much that we can achieve by working together with our community and our neighboring communities.I am hopeful for the communities continuing support in the upcoming election on Nov 19, so I can put my experience to work for you. Together we will build a brighter future.Jason ThompsonMy wife Verena Gibbs, our daughter Geneva and I have been living on Haida Gwaii for over two years. The beauty of the islands and the creativity, tenacity and warmth of its residents have inspired me to contribute more actively and am running for village council. I offer a fresh perspective and energy to council and want to work towards making Masset a more resilient community. An important first step is to promote civic engagement by strengthening communication between the council and the community. My role as a councillor would be to provide a forum for community members to express their vision for Masset. I am personally motivated to address issues such as economic development, sustainability, community revitalization and health and well being. I believe anything is possible when a community works together towards a shared goal.I look forward to the opportunity to work with town council and residents of Masset. I am looking for your support on November 19, 2011.