Masset curling club down but not out

  • Jan. 19, 2007 6:00 a.m.

The Masset Curling Club is putting a huge effort into resurrecting itself after a series of devastating break-ins. Bob Jongewaard says even though the club had no insurance, volunteers are working to find a way to get curling up and running again. Over the holidays, the club was broken into three different times. During one break-in, the perpetrators got into the engine room and somehow shut the ice machine down. All the rinks melted, which is bad enough, but later the criminals walked through the sand under the ice and tracked sand and paint throughout the building. This is in addition to all the alcohol that was stolen from the building, says Mr. Jongewaard, around $1,500 worth. The plate glass window on the outside wall was also broken and a television thrown on the floor. “We spent a tremendous amount of time getting this up and running and to have this happen was disastrous,” Mr. Jongewaard said. He’s ordered new parts to fix the machine though, and will try again. He says people come from all over the islands to play and the school program, with 35 children signed up ready to go, was about to start. “That’s one of the reasons that is driving this thing,” he says of the school children. He estimates the costs of getting up and running, which include all the volunteer labour, will run around $5,000. The club is making some changes due to the break-ins. Mr. Jongewaard says they have decided to close up the window to the outside and to take the liquor out of the building after events. And he says people in town are getting very upset about all the break-ins, not only to the Curling Club, but to Masset Grocery, Seapak and people’s homes, and many have a good idea of who the ring-leader might be.