Masset enacting new dog bylaw

  • May. 10, 2006 11:00 a.m.

A bylaw to regulate dogs in the Village of Masset was put to the test at the May 8 council meeting.
Administrator Trevor Jarvis says there is already one on the books, but this revised bylaw takes into account new provincial regulations on dangerous dogs. The bylaw was given first, second and third reading with full support from all councillors. It will likely pass at the next regular meeting of Masset council.
Here are the highlights.

• Dog owners will have to register and pay a licence fee each year for their dog.

• No dogs will be permitted to run at large or bark excessively.

• Any person who owns or has custody of a female dog in heat shall confine and house the dog during that period.

• Dangerous dogs are defined as those who have seriously injured or killed a person or animal, or who are believed to be likely to kill a person. Masset’s bylaw says these dogs must be confined indoors or in enclosed pens and a sign must be posted on the owner’s property saying “dangerous dog on premise.”

The village is also making plans toward hiring a bylaw enforcement officer who will seize and impound dogs as well as issue tickets for offences.
Mr. Jarvis says they are not in a position to hire a full-time or even a part-time dog catcher, so this officer will be responsible for several other bylaws as well.
These include business licensing, noise bylaws, building and zoning issues.
Also in Masset council news, councillors agreed to write support letters for the following Gwaii Trust applicants – the Greater Massett Food Bank, Rediscovery, and the Masset Tennis Association. Councillor Janet Brown had a comment about the village of Port Clements’s application for a aerator for the community soccer field.
She thought someone had received funding previously for a similar tool and was told that the Dixon Entrance Golf Course has such an item.
“Why can’t they borrow one?” she said. Council agreed this was a question for Gwaii Trust and agreed to support the application.