Masset fundaiser very successful

  • May. 14, 2003 12:00 p.m.

The Masset community came together last Saturday at Daddy Cool’s to raise $3,865 for the Shaw/Widen family.
“It makes you proud to live in a small town,” says organizer Debbie Grosse. People here will set things aside to help someone in trouble, she says.
There was constant activity with never fewer than 20 people in Daddy Cool’s at any one time, says Ms Grosse. It all began when she and Lynne Hart approached the pub’s manager Angie Mendez to see if the space could be used for a fundraiser. Owner Steve Marshall donated the space for a day, and countless people donated their time to raise money for the family.
From noon until closing, volunteers served up a dinner with food donated by community members and the Coop. Work began at 9am and continued until 3am the next morning. Volunteers cooked constantly, and then turned the leftovers into sandwiches to be sold at the dance.
People can still contribute at Northern Savings Credit Union, there are cans around Masset and Mike Williamson at Pearl’s or Steve Marshall at Daddy Cool’s can also accept money for the family.