Masset in excellent financial shape: auditor

  • Feb. 26, 2003 5:00 p.m.

The village of Masset is in excellent financial shape, especially when compared to other small towns in the north, says auditor Jan Tambre.
Mr. Tambre, giving a preliminary report to council Monday night (Feb. 24), said staff are doing an excellent job, and that the village has a healthy financial position, with low debt and good reserve funds.
“I have a really good report which in these times is quite extraordinary,” Mr. Tambre told council members, praising village workers for “the best quality financial reporting I’ve seen in a small village.”
However, the auditor cautioned council members to take a frugal approach as they prepare this year’s budget.
“In these times you need to be careful in your budgeting,” he said. “You should consider yourselves very fortunate to be in this position.”
Mr. Tambre spent a week in the village office going over Masset’s records, and will spend another couple of weeks in his office working on the figures. He told council members he should have the village’s financial statements ready in about a month.