Masset meeting chance to review Husby logging plans

  • Mar. 22, 2005 12:00 p.m.

Islanders concerned about proposed logging in the Masset area can attend a public meeting March 29 at the Howard Phillips Hall, 7 pm for more information.
Masset resident Chris Ashurst said he decided to coordinate the meeting after hearing people say they were frustrated by the lack of information about the proposed logging.
At the meeting, Forest Development Plan maps will be available for viewing. Until now the maps have been available for public viewing only at the Ministry of Forests office on Queen Charlotte or Husby Forest Products’ office in Delta, BC.
Husby and Old Massett Village Council are proposing to log 95,000 cubic metres of timber in the Masset area before December 2006.
Mr. Ashurst will offer a workshop during the meeting about how to interpret a forest development plan map, and how to have concerns about the proposal officially recorded.
Although he has his own opinion about the proposal, Mr. Ashurst says he is not rallying people to a cause. His intention is to ensure people’s concerns are properly recorded.
“I’m not opposed to logging. People have to work,” Mr. Ashurst said, “but it needs to be a public process.”
This meeting is an informal one, which will not necessarily be attended by industry or government representatives. A formal meeting with representatives could be called by Ministry of Forests if sufficient public pressure warrants it, said Mr. Ashurst.
Comments about the proposed logging must be sent in writing to Husby Forest Products, 6425 River Road, Delta BC V4K 5B9 by April 3.