Masset supports MIEDS, reluctantly

  • Nov. 8, 2013 2:00 p.m.

by Jane Wilson-Masset council agreed Oct. 28 to turn its economic development money over to MIEDS (Misty Islands Economic Development Society), but not until several councillors expressed frustration with the organization. “I think if we approve this we have to see some bang for our buck,” said councillor Bret Johnson, “if we took that $35,000 and a bit more money we could hire someone in the village to do what they’re doing.” Other councillors expressed frustration that, as in other years, they were discussing the issue too late to come up with a plan of their own. “We said the exact same thing last year, that the timelines are short,” said councillor Jason Thompson, “we seem to end up in the same spot, well we’re not going to decide in a half-hour, that’s a bit frustrating. We obviously have some homework to do if we want to use this money for something else.” Ultimately council decided to create a plan for next year. “In the event that we don’t get the bang for our buck (from MIEDS), then next year we already have a plan in place,” said councillor Natanis Hageman. Council then approved the request from MIEDS for the 2014 funding, and will turn $35,000 over to that organization.