Masset supports UVic research proposal

  • Aug. 27, 2010 6:00 p.m.

Research into how Masset will be affected by rising sea levels, climate change and coastal erosion is good for the community, said Masset council members, as they voted to write a letter of support Aug. 16 for a proposal from UVic professor Dr. Ian Walker. Dr. Walker has spent much time on Haida Gwaii researching our vulnerable coastline (the east coast of Graham Island is one of Canada’s most rapidly eroding) and how communities are adapting to these kinds of geographical changes. He asked Masset for support for a new proposal to build on previous research and help Masset and Old Massett develop strategies for climate change. Dr. Walker said his new proposal is one of 12 selected by the International Development Research Council to submit a full application, which he is now preparing. The council will fund five of the proposals by 2011. He’s asking for $2.5-million, with the research covering several communities in the Pacific and Canada.