Masset to donate gravel to golf course

  • Jan. 13, 2006 8:00 a.m.

Masset council has agreed to donate 35 truckloads of gravel to the Dixon Entrance Golf Club to help fix the road into the golf course.
Council members made the decision Jan. 9 after reading a letter from golf club president Ben Matheson, who said the road was in terrible condition and the club could not afford gravel.
Administrator Trevor Jarvis said the village can access gravel from a pit for municipal use, and council members agreed to donate that. The golf club will have to find the contractors and trucks to move it.
In other Masset news:
o Council members weren’t sure what to do after learning that the Delkatla Management Committee has turned a very firm thumbs down to a request from a Masset resident to salvage some downed trees from the Delkatla Sanctuary.
The management committee recommended the proposal be denied because all biological material in the sanctuary is “integral to the natural successional recovery of the forest of Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary”.
Council members had tentatively given the green light to the salvage proposal, which would create some employment both in removing the wood and at the local shake mill, and generate some money for the village.
Administrator Trevor Jarvis suggested that a couple of council members meet with the resident and the Delkatla Management Committee and see if they can reach a solution.
o Bruce Milne of the Community University Research Alliance was in town as part of a continuing study project which involves Masset. Dr. Milne introduced himself to the new council members, saying he is a former mayor of Sechelt, has a university background in political science, and is a “rural activist”.
The research he’s doing in Masset involves looking at how the village works in relationship with the federal and provincial governments, as well as how it works internally.
“We don’t have a fancy title for the Masset project, for now we’re just calling it How Masset Works,” he said.
Dr. Milne was scheduled to lead a governance workshop in Masset on Tuesday for both Masset council and the newly-elected Queen Charlotte council, outlining their roles, responsibilities and relationships.