Mayor to represent Charlotte on regional district

  • Jan. 8, 2010 10:00 a.m.

Queen Charlotte mayor Carol Kulesha has been named as the village’s representative on the Skeena/Queen Charlotte Regional District once again, but council has decided to go with a different system for alternates. At the Dec. 21 council meeting, Councillor Greg Martin moved that all four councillors be named alternates, rather than just one. That way there would always be someone available. Councillors agreed that whoever is deputy mayor will also be designated the alternate for regional district meetings. Council had previously circulated a schedule for that duty with councillor Gladys Noddin in the role from January to March 2010, councillor Greg Martin from April to June 2010, councillor Kris Olsen from July through September 2010 and councillor Leslie Johnson acting as deputy mayor from October to December 2010. Those who attend regional district meetings also act as the representative for the North West Regional Hospital District and the Northern Development Initiative. Other recent appointments include Ms Noddin once again being named Queen Charlotte’s representative on the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board with Mr. Martin as alternate.