Mayor will try to clean up his language

  • Oct. 6, 2004 12:00 p.m.

Port Clements mayor Dale Lore has agreed to try to clean up his language when being interviewed, following some criticism he received at council Monday night.
“I will take your recommendation to heart. I will attempt to not offend anybody,” Mr. Lore said.
The controversy arose over comments the mayor made on CBC radio following the Union of BC Municipalities meeting last month. He was upset with the way the vote on offshore oil and gas was conducted (see the Observer last week) and used both the s-word and the bs-word. “If s – – t is a swear word, then I swore,” he told council, adding “What was I supposed to say, poop? It doesn’t just cut it,” the mayor said.
Councillor Paul Waring, who heard more than one complaint since the interview was broadcast, wants the mayor to “keep his language to a civil level” when conducting village business, while a letter received from William D. Sawchen, a CBC listener in the lower mainland said “Â…I am sorry that I heard you use on the radio foul language. You should hang your head in shame.”
Council passed no motion on the issue, but the mayor did agree to try to do better.