Mechanical snag delays flight

  • Apr. 4, 2008 8:00 a.m.

Forty-five passengers flying from Vancouver to Sandspit last week arrived several hours later than scheduled after the Air Canada Jazz flight experienced a “mechanical snag” 450 kilometres north of Vancouver. Jazz spokesperson Debra Williams said the March 27 flight left Vancouver as planned at 12:40 pm. The plane was more than halfway to Sandspit when the crew saw a generator caution light in the cockpit illuminating, Ms Williams said. After consulting with operations personnel, the crew decided to return to the closest maintenance base, Vancouver. The passengers got off the plane and waited in the airport until Jazz found another aircraft to fly to Sandspit. It left four and a half hours after originally scheduled, Ms Williams said. Passengers arrived in Sandspit around 7 pm. Those who needed to get to Graham Island then had to wait for the 9 pm Kwuna sailing. Also affected were the passengers waiting in Sandspit for their flight to Vancouver, who had to spend all afternoon and evening at the airport. Ms Williams said Jazz apologizes to customers for the delay.