Meet your north-end youth council

  • Oct. 7, 2011 3:00 p.m.

Robert Brown-Kun LaanasRobert is a born leader whose life experiences have molded his natural ability to work with youth. He’s overcome many obstacles in his young life, and this shows in his ability to relate and empathize with other youth. He is a dedicated father and community volunteer; a member of the Northern Youth Council; Old Massett Volunteer Department; and supporter of trauma and recovery work in our community. Robert brings wisdom and life experience to the council and is always keen to ensure the safety of all youth at every activity. Roberts’ future plans are to pursue training that will allow him to support young men in our community. Curtis Brown-Kun LaanasCurtis brings a deep attachment and understanding of his culture. He is passionate about supporting our youth in creating a positive future. He is a true role model that walks his talk of a positive and active lifestyle. Music and dance are an integral part of his life. Curtis is a member of the Old Massett Volunteer Fire Department and is active in supporting young men in our community. Curtis has been an active and enthusiastic participant in the Youth Council. He has positively participated in youth centres in both Old Massett and the lower mainland. One of Curtis’s strengths is his ability identify struggling youth and help them overcome obstacles of anger and alcohol use. His campaign during elections and mission in office is to make a difference for the youth. Curtis is passionate about developing a youth centre to provide youth a space to discover their real talents and freely express who they are. His vision for island youth is to build the infrastructure necessary to facilitate individual confidence and expression of self.Marsha Therrien-Stl’ang JaanasMarsha, Sgaan Iljuus (The Only Great One) was born and raised in Masset. Marsha is energetic, hard working and gets any task at hand completed with efficiency and enthusiasm. Her charisma and positive attitude bring progress and encouragement to our Youth Council team. She is able to address conflict with transparency, supporting our team to move forward together. Marsha wears many hats and balances many jobs. Her first job working with the youth was when she was 14. She was one of four Summer Program Co-ordinators at the Dii Tuulang Naay Family Centre for two summers. She has acquired a Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid and NLS certifications, as well as “Sears I Can Swim” teaching certificate. In 2007, Marsha became an uncertified substitute teacher in our high school. Her experience with youth in so many areas made teaching come easy. She has filled positions including teacher, special education assistant, and receptionist. Marsha attended Okanagan College in Kelowna, and completed an Associates of Science at Camosun in Victoria. In 2009, she was awarded a scholarship for her work with youth. Marsha’s future plans are to complete her BA in psychology and work toward a Masters and Ph.D. to practise clinical psychology. Marsha enjoys working with the youth because she believes there can never be enough role models in a young person’s life. She enjoys setting an example for youth, and would like to work toward making a difference in the lives of our youth.Savannah Samuels-Tsaahl lanaasSavannah is a vital member of our council. She is passionate about our land and environment. She actively participates in action against those that seek to profit from damaging our land and oceans. Savannah is truly an extraordinary youth, who, over years of hands on involvement in youth services, has brought creative and positive energy to every activity she’s been part of. Savannah continues to advocate for a better future for our youth and backs up her words with an ability to bring a team together in action. She’s an active Haida dancer and singer. Savannah recently completed her Level 3 first aid and is a student in the NWCC Culinary Arts program. Ashley Jacobson-Stl’ang JanaasAshley shows diplomacy well beyond her young age. She has the ability to speak her mind and consider all perspectives in any given situation. Ashley is a member of the Leadership Club in her school, an active Haida singer and dancer, and an athlete. Her public speaking skills are growing stronger with each challenge she takes on, and she is a great representative of our youth. Ashley’s future plans are to pursue a psychology degree to allow her to work with youth. Shaylene Abrahams-Tsiits GitaneeShaylene has deep roots with her family and community. Her decision to run for Youth Council comes from her compassion for our children. Shaylene attacks every task in her path with a solution focused approach and a strong determination to succeed. Shaylene is a person that every team needs. She’s very friendly and never turns down an opportunity to learn and grow. Her future plans are to pursue an education in Early Childhood Education. Jaadgaljuus YakujanaasJaadgalijuus brings traditional values and skills that have been passed on to her from generations of strong Haida women. She’s patient, kind and has the ability to bring calm to our team. She has a connection and understanding of our land that is unique in a woman so young. Jaadgalijuus is both adventurous and patient. She spent the summer as one of 10 in the Haida Gwaii Youth Stewardship Program.Chantel WhiteChantel’s passion and drive are a valuable contribution. She’s a warrior of injustice and boldly stands up for those that do not or cannot speak for themselves. She took a lead in initiating an island youth rally on violence in Masset on June 17, and saw 70-80 youth participate in a walk and dance to raise awareness about youth on youth violence and bullying. Chantel is a natural leader who shows no fear in being the first to lead her peers in something she believes in. She is an avid basketball player and is also a member of the Leadership Club in her high school. She has worked at Sampson Lodge for the last 3 summers. Chantel’s future plans are to pursue an education in the justice system.