Meeting requested on north-end hospital concerns

  • Mar. 25, 2009 5:00 p.m.

Leaders from Masset, Old Massett and Port Clements have requested a meeting with Northern Health’s new chief operating officer for the northwest to discuss concerns about how the new north end hospital is operating, says Masset mayor Barry Pages. Mr. Pages said the three communities held a joint health meeting recently, the first since the new hospital opened in October 2008. The cooperative effort of Masset, Old Massett and Port was instrumental in getting the facility built, and the three communities contributed a large share of the capital dollars required. (The investment will be paid back with lease payments from Northern Health.) “Basically, it was an update on where we are with construction, what’s left to be done,” Mr. Pages said. “But we do have operational concerns with a bunch of resignations that have happened… We want to get Northern Health’s take on the issue.” Site administrator Kim Mushynsky resigned earlier this month, although she won’t be leaving her job until September. The facility is also struggling to fill six or seven empty nursing positions. Mr. Pages said the community leaders have already contacted chief operating officer Marina Ellinson, and expect that they will be meeting with her on the islands within the next couple of weeks.