Merry Christmas, Masset

  • Dec. 6, 2004 2:00 p.m.

It looks like the Grinch won’t be stealing Christmas from Masset this year as Who-ville came to life in downtown Masset this past Saturday evening. Minutes before 7 pm the lot next to the Co-op filled with the arrival of about 200 people to celebrate the lighting of an eight-meter Spruce tree. Carolers sang Christmas songs, while people gathered around a bon-fire, laughing and enjoying hot chocolate. The Village of Masset, the Masset Fire Department, the Co-op, the Masset Legion and C.D.C Contracting put their efforts together to make this event a success with the help of Bill Woodward and Jimmy Low to place the lights on the tree. Ian Edwards, Murray Kennedy and Trevor Jarvis raised the tree up the previous day.
Mary Frick’s ‘special recipe’ hot chocolate was enjoyed by everyone as were the hot dogs that the Co-op blazed up on the barbie. “We got the hottest dogs in town,” Gord Kricheldorf proudly declared.
“This has been a very successful night, extremely successful. We got more people than we expected,” expressed Richard Clarmont of the Co-op. Many people in the community couldn’t believe the turnout with some saying they haven’t seen something like this in years. Merry Christmas Masset!