MIEDS chair giving up position

  • Dec. 9, 2009 4:00 p.m.

Port Clements mayor Cory Delves is giving up his position on the Misty Isles Economic Development Society. Mr. Delves was one of the founding directors of the society and has been its chair since it started up about two years ago. MIEDS began operations with $500,000 from the provincial government and has received other funding from agencies like the Northern Development Initiative Trust, with the purpose of spurring economic development on the islands. But when council discussed committee appointments for the coming year at its Monday night meeting (Dec. 7), Mr. Delves said he was willing to give up the position and allow another council member to take over. Councillor Greg Stewart volunteered and council confirmed his appointment to MIEDS. Mr. Delves said he wasn’t sure when Mr. Stewart would take over, adding that none of the villages has ever changed its MIEDS representative since the society started. Queen Charlotte and Masset are both represented by their mayors, and the regional district directors for Areas D and E are also on the board. Mr. Delves will continue as the village’s representative on the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District, as well as the North West Regional Hospital District and the Northern Development Initiative. All three groups hold their meetings off-island, and their meetings are usually coordinated so it makes sense for the same person to hold all three positions. Council also approved the appointment of Mr. Stewart to the village’s emergency committee, councillor Wally Cheer to the Vancouver Island Regional Library board, Mr. Delves to the local recreation commission, Mr. Cheer to the local tourism committee, and councillor Cam Traplin as the village’s RCMP liaison. Former council member Brock Storry will continue as Port’s rep on the Community Futures board. The deputy mayor’s position will be rotated through all councillors, with Mr. Cheer serving as deputy for the first three months of the year, followed by Mr. Stewart and Mr. Traplin. Council members are hoping that the new councillor to be elected this spring will serve as deputy for the final quarter of the year.