Miss Teen Haida Gwaii returns from Vancouver pageant

  • Jul. 9, 2003 7:00 p.m.

Leigh-Anna Jones returned Monday from her adventure as a delegate at the Miss Teen BC pageant in Vancouver.
“Leigh-Anna had fun. The experience was amazing for her and she really enjoyed herself,” says Cecile Pages of Total Eclipz in Masset.
Fourteen year old Leigh-Anna won the Miss Teen Haida Gwaii Pageant last month. She represented the islands at the BC pageant, the only delegate from outside of the lower mainland, and one of the youngest, to participate in the contest, says Ms Pages. Family and community members traveled with Leigh-Anna to cheer her on during the pageant.
The pageant began last Thursday when delegates were interviewed by a panel of six judges. Each delegate performed their talent, and five finalists were chosen to perform on pageant night before an audience. The judges also randomly selected three candidates to speak for three minutes about the charity they’ve chosen to support. Leigh-Anna was one of the three delegates selected to speak, and Ms Pages says she did very well with her speech about the Cancer Society.
Sunday evening the delegates appeared before a live audience. The delegates performed together in an opening act, the five talent finalists performed their acts, and they all modeled in the evening gown competition.
Self-esteem is the most important thing delegates gain from participating in a pageant, believes Ms Pages. “Most of the girls, when we did our pageant here, wrote on their questionnaires that they wanted to make friends, meet new people, gain self-esteem and enjoy the pageant experience,” she says. By getting out in the community, pageant delegates learn to be more outgoing, become role models for other youth, and participate in the lives of their communities.