Miss Teen to compete in Toronto

  • Apr. 28, 2004 3:00 p.m.

The reigning Miss Teen Haida Gwaii, 15-year-old Leigh-Anna Marks Jones, will be representing the islands in Toronto this summer at the Miss Teen Canada Pageant.
“There will be about 40 other contestants from across Canada,” said her mother, Tammy Jones. “It’s going to be quite an experience for her.”
The pageant is not just about beauty, said Ms Jones. The judges also take into consideration factors like volunteer work, school grades, and community involvement.
Leigh-Anna won the Miss Teen Haida Gwaii pageant last year, and participated in the Miss Teen BC pageant in Burnaby in the summer.
Leigh-Anna and her mother are fundraising right now to help cover the cost of the trip. The package from pageant organizers specifies that participants must bring donated items with them that represent where they are from.
“We have to bring small gifts for the 60 people involved in the pageant,” said Ms. Jones, who is looking for donations of pins, t-shirts, mugs, or other items from local businesses.
If you have an item to donate, contact Tammy Jones at 1-877-626-3301 (work) or 626-3783 (home).
“I am hoping that someone will donate something beautiful to show them what we have here on Haida Gwaii,” she said.