Missing man located on Moresby

  • Sep. 4, 2009 6:00 p.m.

The missing person was found, says Queen Charlotte RCMP detachment Sergeant Rob Knapton. The detachment received a report on Aug. 20 of a man who had been missing since Aug. 10. Sgt. Knapton said the individual was located on Moresby Island and was not lost. “There is nothing to be concerned about,” he said. Of the 22 calls for service the detachment between Aug. 24 and Aug. 31, Sgt. Knapton offered this summary: On Aug. 25, police stopped a vehicle at 3 pm and after doing a check found a prohibition notice that had yet to be served to the driver. On Aug. 26, a complaint about harassing phone calls from Skidegate turned out to be a dispute over family maintenance support payments. Also on the 26th, police received a call at 2 am about a female on the road in Skidegate Heights screaming for help. “We weren’t able to locate the person,” says Sgt. Knapton. By the time police arrived at the location, the individual was gone. On Aug. 27 police were called to a domestic dispute in Sandspit. An adult male was arrested and is being held in custody until his court appearance on Sept. 15. Sgt. Knapton also wanted to let people know that new legislation requires that drivers slow down and pull over if possible when an emergency vehicle or tow truck with lights flashing is on the side of a road. If people are on the highway where the limit is 80 km/hour or over, they must slow to 70 km/hour. And in towns, people must slow to 40 km/hour. If another lane is available, drivers are required to pull into it as well, he says. “It’s a matter of safety. People have gotten killed because others haven’t slowed down and given [emergency workers] sufficient room