Missing mutts found under bed

  • Jan. 23, 2006 5:00 p.m.

Queen Charlotte police were busy over the weekend, dealing with everything from lost and found dogs to a street fight.
On Friday morning (Jan. 20), police received a report of a break and enter after a homeowner returned home and couldn’t find her two puppies. Police began to investigate, but the dogs were located hiding under a bed in the home. The home had not been broken into, said Sgt. Neil Hogg, and the complaint was unfounded.
Later that same day, police arrested an intoxicated male near the teen centre, and held him in a cell until he was sober, Sgt. Hogg said. Police had received a report that the man was causing a disturbance at the teen centre.
On Saturday, police were called out to a break and enter at a home in Skidegate. Sgt. Hogg said police have identified a suspect and an arrest is pending.
Also on Saturday in Skidegate, an intoxicated man caused a disturbance by yelling and then threatening a neighbour. Police arrested the man, Sgt. Hogg said, and he has been charged with uttering threats, causing a disturbance and breaching an undertaking. He was placed on the undertaking in May 2005 when he was charged with assault and break and enter. He is awaiting court for both matters.
Also in Skidegate that same day, a man suffered a chipped tooth after a street fight. Sgt. Hogg said charges are pending.
Police also dealt with a highly intoxicated female on the street in Queen Charlotte about 4 pm Saturday, he said. Police put her in a cell until she was sober.
On Sunday, police received a report of a highly intoxicated man trying to walk home from Strikers Pub, but police patrols failed to locate him, Sgt. Hogg said.
Police are investigating a complaint that someone kicked the trunk of a blue Dodge care, denting the trunk. The car was parked in the 100 block of Front Street, in Skidegate, Sgt. Hogg said.