MLA speaks for oil and gas in legislature

  • Apr. 9, 2003 1:00 p.m.

Northcoast MLA Bill Belsey defended the creation of an offshore oil and gas industry in the legislature last week.
After 90 years of exploration, it’s about time the government allowed an oil and gas industry to develop on the north coast, says MLA Bill Belsey.
“Â…offshore and onshore exploration, seismic work and exploratory drilling were completed with very little, if any, impact to the environment. No blowouts, no oil spills, no damage to the flora and fauna,” said Mr. Belsey.
“Why do we permit oil and gas wells off the east coast, but we do not permit them on the west coast?” asked Mr. Belsey.
“It is not with reckless abandonment that I, and the people of my riding, ask to lift this moratorium. We insist than any oil and gas exploration must take into consideration ownership, safety and the environmental concerns,” he said.