More bursaries

  • May. 20, 2013 1:00 p.m.

In our editorial last week, we failed to mention a couple of other bursaries that areavailable to students. (Thanks to Evelyn von Almassy for the info). The Haida Gwaii Teachers’ Association, (formerly named the Queen Charlotte District Teachers’Association) has been supporting the students who are graduating and plan toattend post-secondary school. For over twenty-five years, each year there has been$1,000 available at each high school, for a student who has shown strong academic skill and is in financial need of assistance. At George M. Dawson in Masset, the “Ellen Scully Bursary” is given in the name of a former teacher, who taught here for over thirty years, retiring in 1991. She was oneof the first local presidents, local representative, who was an early bargainerfor the local teachers’ association, and who consistently spoke up for students and teachers alike. She is still a formidable presence, living in Vancouver. At Queen Charlotte Secondary School, the “HGTA Bursary” is given out on behalfof the association. Both of these bursaries are financially supported by local teachers, and come from their monthly dues. The association is pleased to be able to assist students in the continuation of their education after graduating from grade twelve, and congratulates all students of the 2013 Graduating Class from each local high school. For more information about these bursaries, please contact the HGTA at 250-857-4476