More election results

  • Nov. 17, 2002 2:00 p.m.

On Monday, we’ll have comments from some winners and the losers in Saturday’s election, which saw big changes to the councils in Port, Masset and Queen Charlotte. Available now, results from the Gwaii Trust election in Sandspit. Read on.

Masset council
Elected are Janet Brown 216, Rollie Wheeler 193, Lorrie Joron 182 and Ed Woode 179.
Kimiko von Boetticher 160 and Fraser Earl 91 did not win a council seat.
Barry Pages was unopposed and continues as mayor.

Port Clements
Dale Lore 92 is elected mayor, followed by Jean Traplin 70 and incumbent Joan Ann Allen 61
Elected to council are Jukka Effraimson 135, Gerry Johnson 131, Lisa Gyorgy 100,
and Paul Waring 95.
Not elected are Wendy Quinn 67, Kathy Repp 84, Mary Standbridge 62 and Dwight Welwood 70.

School Board
Old Massett (Area 1)
Margaret Edgars 53 is elected trustee, defeating John Bennett 32.

S Graham Is/Qu Charlotte/Skid Landing (Area 5)
Shirley Hawse 180 is back for another term, defeating Ellen Daniels 75, Ken Peerless 44,
and Michelle Pineault 29.

Sandspit/Moresby Island (Area 6)
Gail Henry 118 is elected trustee, defeating political newcomer William Sheridan 68.

Regional District
Rural Graham Island (Area D)
Ian Lordon 147 defeated incumbent Ian Hetman 129.

Sandspit Moresby Island (Area E)
Duane Gould 92 is elected, defeating Bill Beldessi 77, and Graham Evenson 19

Moresby Island Management Committee
Elected are Carol Bowler 113, Bill Quaas 103, Gail Henry 98, Gord Usher 95, Duane Gould 92
and Sherry Price 66.
Not elected are Linda Clark 57, Monty Cobbs 52, Marcy Mathers 29.

Queen Charlotte/Skidegate Landing (Area F)
Carol Kulesha 259 is elected, defeating Ken Peerless 56.

Qu Charlotte/Skid Landing Management Committee
Elected are Vicki Ives 248, Claudia Ives 242, Ron McKee 214, Mark Salzl 209, Eric Ross 180, and Ann Mountifield 175.
Not elected is incumbent Gary Wunsch 157, and Chester Kendra 102, Fred Welland 65, Michael Denham 58

Gwaii Trust-Sandspit
Elected is Warren Foster 139, not elected is Graham Evenson 47
More here later Monday. More in the Observer Thursday.