More patrols after deer-plane collision in Masset

  • Aug. 18, 2010 6:00 a.m.

Masset’s public works department will be doing more airport patrols to make sure the fence around the runway is secure and that no deer are in the area, says village administrator Trevor Jarvis, following last month’s deer collision that grounded a Pacific Coastal plane for six days. Mr. Jarvis said he got advice from the local conservation officer about how to keep the airport as free of deer as possible. The village will be acting on that advice, including clearing vegetation from all around the airport so that it is easier to spot the pesky mammals. “There’s no magic bullet, pardon the pun, for dealing with this kind of problem,” Mr. Jarvis at Monday night’s council meeting (Aug. 16). In the July incident, a deer darted onto the runway just as a plane was attempting to take off. The deer was destroyed and the plane sustained serious damage to its propeller and engine. The conservation officer has now given the village permission to shoot deer in the airport area as a last resort, Mr. Jarvis said, because of the risk they pose to lives and property if they do get on the runway.Copyright Haida Gwaii Observer 2010.