Motorcycles causing problems along QC waterfront

  • Jul. 1, 2003 12:00 p.m.

Submitted by Thomas Hlavac, DFO. Some motorcycle enthusiasts have been observed riding their motorcycles on the Queen Charlotte waterfront, particularly in the Spruce Point area at the west end of town. Fisheries staff have noticed that this is causing damage to fish habitat in the beach areas. Some of the beach areas are very sensitive – many people do not realize that if this fish habitat is damaged it may take many years if not decades to recover. Tire tracks remain visible on the beach often for a long time, but much of the damage to marine plants and animals cannot be seen. At low tide, the beaches may look unoccupied but they are important, especially for young salmon and many other species of fish and shellfish.
The DFO and the RCMP will be conducting patrols during the summer to ensure riding is conducted safely and that fish habitat is protected. If motorcycle riders are found to be damaging habitat, criminal investigations may result as well as possible seizure of the motorcycles.
For more information please contact Tom Hlavac, Conservation and Protection Supervisor, at 250-559-8580 or 250-559-4413, email