MP Cullen fights removal of recycling bins

  • Nov. 27, 2009 3:00 p.m.

A recent policy by Canada Post to remove recycling bins from postal lobbies across the country has residents of this region outraged, says Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen.”People from Haida Gwaii to Smithers have contacted us, appalled at the irresponsibility of removing these very large and widely used recycling bins whose contents will now likely end up in landfills,” Mr. Cullen said.Canada Post says recycling bins are being removed to protect receiving customers from identity theft, to reduce wilful fires, and to encourage a “thorough review of all mail benefits” from delivering customers “who have paid for their messages to be conveyed to the general public.”The corporation encourages customers to take their unwanted mail away for secure recycling but this strategy, Cullen notes, is meaningless in rural communities that do not have recycling facilities and rely on Canada Post to take back a large volume of unsolicited postal items.Removal of recycling bins comes just a year after Canada Post expanded its national recycling program. The corporation’s 2008 Social Responsibility report said key plans for 2009 include investigating “the possible addition of recycling bins in all of our post office box lobbies to enable post office box users to recycle unwanted mail.”Mr. Cullen says a button on Canada Post’s homepage proclaims that “everyone has a responsibility to the natural world” and stresses the corporation’s commitment to “minimizing our carbon footprint.and providing greener options and earth-friendlier ideas for both consumers and businesses.””Yanking recycling bins does not fit with these stated ideals,” the MP said.