MP doesn’t like federal budget

  • Feb. 28, 2005 7:00 a.m.

MP Nathan Cullen was not impressed with the federal budget introduced last week in Ottawa, and said the NDP would be voting against it.
The budget, which features corporate tax cuts and increased spending for the military, will do little for people living in northwestern BC, he said.
“It’s been a total betrayal in this budget, we’re stunned,” he said. “Obviously a deal was made between (Conservative leader Stephen) Harper and Martin. Who really loses out is Canadians.”
Mr. Cullen said he was still hoping to hear mention of funding for Prince Rupert’s container port in the more detailed budget estimates, which will come out this week.
He said the NDP was hoping that there would be more money for things like implementing Canada’s obligations under the Kyoto Protocol, for a national day care program, and for social housing.
Although the budget was a nasty surprise, Mr. Cullen said he was looking forward to the work of going through it and arguing about it in the House of Commons.
“It’s fascinating, this is where the work really begins for me,” he said. “The budget is the most important thing that happens all year.”