MP praises province’s stance on pipeline

  • Jun. 3, 2013 11:00 a.m.

BC is getting praise from an unexpected quarter. Skeena MP Nathan Cullen says the province deserves credit for officially opposing the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline. BC officially expressed its opposition to the project last week, saying Enbridge has not met BC’s five conditions, which include an environmental review, an oil spill prevention response, opportunities for First Nations and a fair share of the benefits for BC. “The provincial opposition “was inevitable, it was political suicide” not to oppose it, Mr. Cullen said. “Based on all the scientific evidence, all the testimony they heard from people in the north, I don’t think BC had any other option,” Mr. Cullen said. He also said the only cheerleaders for the project left are “Mr. Harper and his cabinet and the Chinese government in Beijing”. Mr. Cullen called the process “not very accessible” and “very legalistic” and said that Prime Minister Harper made a mockery of the idea that decisions should be base don science and community interest. Meanwhile, the federal Liberals new leader Justin Trudeau said he is on board with the provincial stance. “I think Christy Clark made the right decision and I applaud her. The economic cost on coastal communities of the Northern Gateway proposal as well as the environmental cost was simply going to be too high,” Mr. Trudeau said. Back in October as part of a Liberal leadership campaign stop, he announced he was against the pipeline that stretches from Alberta to Kitimat, and his feeling hasn’t changed. “I have been steadfast in my opposition to that particular Northern Gateway proposal from the beginning.” The next phase in the process will be what the joint review panel calls final hearings for final argument. Oral responses will begin in Terrace on June 17 and are expected to last two weeks. After that, the three panel members will be working on their final report, due by the end of December.