MP ready to ‘punch back’ at Canada Post

  • Apr. 14, 2010 4:00 p.m.

He’s got the ammunition, and he’s ready to start fighting. Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen has the preliminary results of the Observer’s postcard campaign, and he thinks Canada Post’s delivery time is very poor. “They’re missing their own low performance standards a quarter of the time,” Mr. Cullen said, adding that he thinks this is “disgraceful”. The postcards were included in every copy of the Observer on March 18, and so far, 340 of them had reached Mr. Cullen. 264 (or 72-percent) of the cards arrived within Canada Post’s eight business day standard, while 75 (or 28 percent) did not. Mr. Cullen said that up until now, he has had to rely on what Canada Post tells him, and they have always said they are meeting this target 95-percent of the time. “Now we have some of our own numbers. We’ll be punching back,” Mr. Cullen said. Canada Post’s standard is delivery in eight business days, meaning it does not count weekends. That means a card or letter could arrive in Ottawa within that standard, yet take as much as 12 days. Setting aside the eight business day standard, and counting just days, most of the cards from Haida Gwaii took more than a week to get to Ottawa. Of the 340 cards, only 25 made it to Nathan in eight days or less. That left 315 that took more than eight days, a whopping 93-percent. Mr. Cullen said the cards received so far are the quickest ones. There are likely more coming, slower.”This is not all of them, this is the best batch, it only gets worse for the other ones that are still en route.” Of Canada Post he said “they care only in words, not in action.” He plans to wait a week or so to gather up the late cards, then set up a meeting with Canada Post to show them how slow the mail really is.