Multiplex concept interests Sandspit

  • Dec. 15, 2010 6:00 p.m.

Sandspit is interested in the multiplex concept again. Moresby Island Management committee chair Evan Putterill brought the topic to the Dec. 8 MIMC meeting for discussion. He submitted a report calling for a sub-committee to undertake the fundraising and preliminary planning for a multiplex in Sandspit, similar to the one in Port Clements. Mr. Putterill said the school district has approached the community about replacing parts of Agnes L. Mathers school with a multiplex type building. He noted the school district is seeking $2 million dedicated toward replacing a wing of the current school and renovating the gym, clinic and offices. He said the school district will have a better chance at securing those capital dollars if it is going toward a multiplex/community learning centre. Mr. Putterill said a group of teachers and parents have met to discuss the idea and have brainstormed several possible partner organizations including: MIMC for the Sandspit Community office, Vancouver Island Regional Library, Northern Health for assisted living units, RCMP for a replacement satellite detachment and more. Mr. Putterill acknowledged that not all the new committee members were officially at the meeting (they won’t be sworn in until after the next regional district meeting), but he said upcoming funding programs could be investigated if the sub-committee was formed right away. Other committee members did not see any reason to leap ahead with this work until the other committee members were sworn in and asked that the topic be deferred to January. During the public comments section of the meeting, Carol Wagner (elected as an alternate) asked who would be the owner of the multiplex? The school district or the community? She and others were concerned that if Sandspit community members did the work for the multiplex, would the school district or the community benefit? Ms Wagner said that Port Clements owns their multiplex, but when the Observer phoned to confirm, we were told that School District 50 owns the property and the building and has a joint use agreement with the village of Port Clements. Originally the Sandspit community office was planned to go into the renovated community hall, so rent would not have to be paid. But this part of the design was left off, as the project was over-budget.