Museums’ funding restored

  • Dec. 5, 2007 8:00 p.m.

The Skeena-Queen Charlotte regional district is searching for an extra $8,800 for the two smaller museums on the islands, after hearing that neither museum had received as much money as expected this year. Administrator John Holland said directors voted Nov. 23 to restore the Port Clements museum and the Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum to their 2006 funding levels, which means each will receive an additional $4,400. Mr. Holland said the board, which passed its budget in March, was not aware that the two smaller museums had had their grants cut, and did not intend for them to receive less money than they did last year. The regional district gives an annual grant to the Haida Gwaii Museum in Skidegate, which then distributes smaller grants to the Port and Masset museums. However, it seems the system did not work exactly as planned this year. Jack Thorgeirson, treasurer for the Dixon Entrance museum, wrote to the regional district last month, saying the museum had received a cheque from the Haida Gwaii Museum for $4,300, a sharp drop from the $8,700 received in 2006 and the $9,400 received in 2005. Mr. Thorgeirson said his board was appreciative of the regional district’s continuing support, but had asked him to confirm that $4,300 was the correct amount, as they had not been told to expect a signficant reduction. The Port Clements museum also received $4,300 from the Haida Gwaii Museum for its portion of this year’s grant. After reading the letters, directors voted to give each an additional $4,400. Mr. Holland said the regional district will find the money somewhere in its budget.