NaiKun’s public comment period starts this week

  • May. 25, 2009 6:00 a.m.

NaiKun Wind Energy’s public comment period on its environmental assessment application gets underway Thursday. “The gathering of public input is an important part of NaiKun Wind’s application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate,” a press release from the company says, and “it also reflects the company’s commitment to ongoing community engagement to ensure that the project is developed in a manner that minimizes effects on the environment while maximizing benefits for local communities.” The company is seeking environmental certification from both the province and Ottawa. It plans to build a wind farm in Hecate Strait that would produce enough power for 130,000 homes. If approved by BC Hydro, the wind farm may also power the islands, ending our dependence on diesel generation. The company is holding open houses in Masset on June 8 and in Queen Charlotte on June 9. They will include a presentation by the provincial Environmental Assessment Office and the federal Environmental Assessment Agency, followed by a question and answer period. The environmental application is 4,000 pages long, the result of six years of studies by scientists and experts and reflects extensive consultations with First Nations and local communities, according to the company. It covers ten study areas including marine aquatic ecology, marine animals and birds, archaeological resources, socio-economics and terrestrial ecology, and concludes that there is no indication of significant adverse effects in any of the ten areas.The public comment period continues until July 12. The application is available to view at