Name game for QC highway

  • Jul. 31, 2006 6:00 p.m.

Forget there ever was a Highway 33 in Queen Charlotte, if you ever knew it in the first place.
The Village of Queen Charlotte has been told the name of the road leading to town from Skidegate Landing must be changed, as there is another Highway 33 in the province.
The moniker covers sections of the main road through the village as well.
The name change will mean some businesses and residents will need to change their addresses, but because mail isn’t delivered directly to houses, Mayor Carol Kulesha said it won’t be a huge inconvenience.
Mayor Kulesha says they are looking for suggestions on a new name. So far, she said, Main Street doesn’t seem very inspired.
Other suggestions have been Highway 16A, Bearskin Boulevard, Windy Way and B-40 (after a logging camp that first built parts of the road in the 1950s).
“Let your imagination fly,” said Mayor Kulesha.