Negotiator, foresters tour islands, meet local politicians

  • Sep. 19, 2005 6:00 p.m.

Top ranking forestry officials were on the islands last week to meet with staff, Haida and community leaders.
Exact details of any of these meetings are scarce, but here is what we’ve been able to find out.
After doing a helicopter tour of the islands, Deputy Minister of Forests Doug Konkin met informally with community leaders from the CHN, Old Massett, Sandspit, and Port Clements,.
Carol Kulesha, regional district representative for Area F described an evening dinner meeting at a restaurant in Queen Charlotte as a social gathering that helped everyone put faces to names. The evening was also an opportunity for the different community leaders to comment on how they felt things were going between the Haida and the province.
Ms Kulesha says she sent a message that the community needs to be better involved and the province needs to communicate better to the public.
Duane Gould, regional district director for Area E, said he tried to relay the issues for Sandspit such as job losses.
Mr. Gould said he thought it was a positive opportunity to meet with the players, but whether his input factors into anything remains to be seen.
CHN president Guujaaw says chief forester Jim Snetsinger was here to discuss the annual allowable cut on the islands.
And Gordon Goodman, the new provincial negotiator on the file also came along to meet members of the Council of the Haida Nation and tour the area.