New broadband service up and running

  • Nov. 15, 2006 1:00 p.m.

Many islanders are now receiving much faster internet service, after a successful switch to broadband service over the weekend.
The switch did not go quite as smoothly as planned, according to MHTV technical director Mike McLeod and co-owner Jim Pazarena, but it did get done.
“It wasn’t without its hiccups,” Mr. Pazarena said, and forced him to spend six hours Saturday and three more hours Sunday ironing out some quirks.
Mr. McLeod said MHTV customers are telling him that they’ve noticed a significant increase in speed, but it’s not as fast as they expected. Mr. Pazarena and Mr. McLeod both said that service will improve over the next few days and weeks with tweaking. MHTV provides internet service to the north end of the islands, while provides service from Port south. customers who have dial-up service won’t notice any difference, but those with high-speed service have been automatically switched to the broadband service, Mr. Pazarena said. The monthly fee is the same as before, at $40 per month. The equipment costs about $350.
Mr. McLeod said MHTV provides high-speed service through either cable modem or wireless. The service costs $51 per month.
MHTV has two wireless access points in Masset, and serves Old Massett through cable modem. It can serve residents of the new Bluejacket subdivision and is planning to expand its wireless service to Tow Hill Road, Mr. McLeod said, with construction of a tower at the Masset airport.
The broadband network for the islands was funded by Industry Canada and the Gwaii Trust.