New CHN leadership ready to go

  • Jan. 18, 2013 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by the Council of the Haida Nation–The Council of the Haida Nation has wrapped up its orientation and assignment of member responsibilities as new leadership takes the helm.Peter Lantin (Kil tlaats’gaa) was acclaimed as President of the Haida Nation for a three­year term. He brings to the position over 15 years of experience in financial administration and governance. Most recently, he was Chief Operating Officer for the aboriginal capital corporation TRICORP and chairman of the Gwaii Trust Society.Throughout its history, the Haida Nation has shown itself to be a formidable foe and a powerful friend – standing up to governments and industry, and guarding its lands and waters while garnering the support of allies near and far. It has also used Canada’s courts in effective and practical ways to advance reconciliation with the crown.”A big part of our job will be maintaining the reputation of our people and the valuable relationships that have been established over the years,” Mr. Lantin said. “A lot of the heavy lifting has been done and the nation is in good shape. We will continue on the path of our predecessors and accept the enormity of the task in front of us.”Over the years the CHN has succeeded in protecting half of the million hectares of Haida Gwaii. In addition, the Haida Nation controls more than half of the remaining forestland and has solid holdings in tourism on the islands.After 13 years, Guujaaw did not seek re­election as president, though he remains involved as a Skidegate Regional Representative. “We can all have full confidence in the new leadership who are very much ready for the duties in front of them,” Guujaaw said. “They will go forward with their people firmly at their side.”